The world beneath your feet! (amazing 360° Dubai panorama) – English

I rarely consecrate an entire post to a single picture, but this time I decided to change my posting rules after seeing the result of this particular one and I am just sharing it without major description or stories behind. I’ve been thinking on taking this picture for more than a year now, but never managed to have the appropriate conditions.

Please share, retweet, and… make AbuPhampi famous! ;P

Your screens wouldn’t be big enough to appreciate the result, that’s why I suggest you watch it in full-res by clicking here to enjoy it in a zoomable Gmaps-like more convenient style.

Once again, the original picture is a 360 degree panoramic taken from the observation deck located on the 124th floor of the famous Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper on the planet we mentioned on a previous post.

This collage, is made of 95 stitched shots, some were taken in open air, others were taken indoor through a glass window. You’ll notice that the Sun is located in the extremities of the picture. Being a 360 degrees shot I could choose the centering point, and locating the Sun on the sides helps making the picture cleaner.

I hope you like the result, we will be back soon with more wonders of this land.

Salu2, Abu.


2 responses to “The world beneath your feet! (amazing 360° Dubai panorama) – English

    • I wish we could do the full tour outdoor! My personal feeling was that is too high, it gives you an eagle view of the city, you really don’t notice the live down there, very different experience than other lower observation decks like for example the first floors of the eiffel tower

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