Breaking News: AbuPhampi blog goes multi-lingual

Dear readers and followers,

As many of you have requested, AbuPhampi will from now on integrate Google Translate ® technology so that all my beloved non-Spanish speaking friends (and spontaneous readers) around the globe can experience the wonders of the country we live in ;P

It will be as easy as clicking on the Google Translate ® icon clicking on the upper right side of the website, which will be always visible, regardless the post/page you are navigating from. This feature allows full navigation through the blog in the language of your choice, which could be selected after English is displayed as default language.

I hope automatic translations will be accurate enough for you to get the essence of the blog, and please don’t hesitate to let me know your feedback through the comments section. Give it a try!

Thank you very much for reading, giving opinion and suggesting new topics and improvements on the site.

AbuPhampi, accross borders… and beyond!

UPDATE: We have noticed some bugs on the translated versions when it comes to external content embeded on theblog such as YouTube or Vimeo videos. In those cases, just click on “View the original page” to view the content. Our IT teams will be working on it ;P


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